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The applications in the pacsDisplay package have been developed using Tcl scripts and common extensions including Tk. These scripts can be accessed from the downloaded package as described below.

Other open source programs that are redistributed with the package include

Additionally, there are two command line programs written in C that are used to load LUTs to the graphic driver (loadLUT) and to interpret EDID content for each monitor on a computer (getEDID).

Version 5

In version 5, the applications in the package are distributed as Tcl Starpacks with .exe extensions that can be executed as standalone applications on Microsoft Windows systems. The Starpacks were build using TclApp (ActiveState, Tcl Dev Kit). Each Starpack contains a Starkit and a Tcl interpreter. The Starkit contains the Tcl scripts (i.e., source code) and other required programs organized in a virtual file system. The contents can be extracted using SDX.

Version 6 (coming)

In version 6, we will be distributing the package with the Tcl script applications in a Starkit, the redistributed programs in a common folder, and a Tclkit interpreter. The Tcl source scripts can then be extracted from the Starkits using SDX. With this release, the source code (Tcl and C) will be moved to the repository (GitHub) for continued development.